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deadmau5’s New Album Out Now!

2016-12-10 05:42

deadmau5’s New Album Out Now!10/12/2016

I know we’ve all anticipated for deadmau’s sixth studio album to come out! Well, now we can all get our hands on “W:/2016Album!”

The first release as an independent artist on label mau5trap was released on December 2, randing from atmospheric to techno to old-school synths. NME calls it “a judicious side-step away from the plasticky insta-rush of EDM, it finds Zimmermann rebuilding his sound around the huge collection of classic and rare synths he’s lovingly assembled in his new studio.”

The album includes 11 tracks, among them “Deus Ex Machina,” “Imaginary Friends,” and “Three Pound Chicken Wing.” Joel Zimmerman of deadmau5 even debut his “live In Rehearsals” where he gave a livestream performance with songs form his new album on his YouTube channel. Here’s a sneak peek!

Why don’t you get your hands on the album then let us know which track from “W:/2016” is your favorite!

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