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Moti With “The Game”

2017-04-20 12:31

Moti With “The Game”20/04/2017

Talented artist MOTi hits us up with something unexpected once again!

This time, he releases a groovy new hit featuring powerful vocals by Yton. The track is called “The Game,” and is released via new dance imprint Interstellar!

Once you listen to the track, the first thing you’ll think about is the amazing summer you’re about to have! The 80’s style synth-chords build up in the bridge with finger clicks that have a distorted guitar lead and bring a vocal full throttle.

In MOTI’s words, “This is the first of many more in this style—but what I would like to add is that this is not a hard turn in my music production or style. You should see it as an expansion. I’m not abandoning what I’ve been doing; I’m just adding yet another style to my repertoire.”

Why don’t you grab a listen to the track to see how you feel about it?

Then, in honor of MOTi, let us know which of his works are your favorite!

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