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New Track from Two Can!

2017-05-02 07:45

New Track from Two Can!02/05/2017

Brothers Oscar and Myles from Two Can are back at it with their infectious sound!

They’ve got a new single out now that you can get your hands on entitled “Outta Here!”

This track is all about catchy vocals and up-beat rhythm that’s perfect for your summer road trip. It has an array of live instruments for that perfect feel-good moment!

This song comes off the back of debu EP “Continuance,” where single “Holding On To You” got on the radio! Two Can is surely in for a massive year with their hits all over the globe!

The brothers behind the music are from Melbourne, but they’re planning to jetset with their new song! They’re partnering with Circle Talent Agency, Kosher Agency, and United Talent Agency, which will be bringing them around Australia, Europe, and North America! You can even have a chance to see them live!

Why don’t you grab a listen to Two Can’s new track, “Outta Here!”

Then, let us know your favorite part of the song!

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