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London Brand’s First Festival?

2017-05-09 08:58

London Brand’s First Festival?09/05/2017

London is really becoming the place to party!

Abode recently marked their territory at Finsbury to prepare for their first ever festival: Abode in the Park. That’s happening this September 24th!

If you wanna hang out with 10,000 other people to witness the pinnacle of Abode’s most prolific year, be sure to grab your tickets for the public party! It’s all in honor of the party’s fans!

Abode’s DJs Ellie Cocks, GW Harrison, Artikal and Will Taylor are coming together to say, “ABODE is a family like no other and this is what it has all lead to. If we didn’t have each other, none of this journey would be possible. If we didn’t have the crowd then we wouldn’t have the vibe that has made ABODE either! To us it is more than just a party, it's a community of familiar faces and ravers in common, that have fun and dance the old-school way.”

Why don’t you grab a look at Abode in the Park’s taking place in London!

Then, let us know what you love most about Abode events!

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