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“Great Spirit” : A New Track!

2016-12-13 03:26

Armin van Buuren and Psytrance duo Vini Vici have finally released their new incredible collaboration and you’re all going to love it!

“Great Spirit” has already gained momentum through live plays, officially premiering on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance radio show.

The song features French ‘live trance’ group Hilight Tribe and was released on Armin van Buuren’s Armind label.

In the artist’s words, “I’ve wanted to work with Vini Vici ever since they embarked on the music scene. Few acts have such a well-defined signature sound and I am really pleased with how ‘Great Spirit’ turned out.”
As for Vini Vici, he says, “We could have never guessed that we’d collaborate with Armin van Buuren and it has really gone beyond our wildest dreams! We are really happy with the results!”

Grab a listen to the track!

Then, let us know how you feel about the collaboration!


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