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“If You’re Leaving” by Le Youth

2016-12-13 03:59

“If You’re Leaving” by Le Youth13/12/2016

LA-based DJ and producer Le Youth is heading into winter with full force, armed with his new single “If You’re Leaving.”

“Me Without You” was just released a few weeks ago and has already received huge success, Le Youth taking advantage of that momentum by revealing “If You’re Leaving” afterwards. The track is another dose of the producer’s magic, an exhilarating blend of rhythmically textured piano stabs and a bouncy melodic top line, underpinned by a composition focused around a riveting and expressive vocal.

The remix package for “If You’re Leaving” has also been released, featuring remied from talented artists like BitFunk, Futurewife, No Way Back and Love N Lerrone.

Grab a listen to the track and let us know how you feel about it!


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