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“All Through The Night” by Lehar

2016-12-13 23:15

“All Through The Night” by Lehar13/12/2016

Venetian DJ and producer Lehar has announced his new tour concept All Through The Night, which is happening from December 30 to February 25.

With this, he is approaching his house and techno sound, with a creative and romantic perspective.

The musical concept allows Lehar to explore and show his vision to a global audience. Each date of his first club series will see him play from open to close for the first time, allowing him to display his diverse record collection.

The tour begins in Indonesia and goes through to Kiev, Beriut, and Venice. In February, it’ll head to Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Poland. To close it off, he is working his way to Oslo.

For more information on Lehar’s tour “All Through The Night,” be sure to check out his website!

Then, let us know which stop he’ll see you at!

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