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The Ark Sets Sail!

2017-01-08 18:18

The Ark Sets Sail!08/01/2017

The largest and most luxurious party cruise is about to set sail and you’ll surely want to be a part of it!

You can be one of 4,000 passengers who are climbing aboard “The Ark,” which is a 4-day party cruise voyaging from Barcelona on August 31.

There are seven stages hosted by leading dance brands FACT, Elrow, and Ministry of Sound, with over 50 DJs playing a variety of electronic music genres.

On-board facilities are also available on the cruise, such as cinemas, theaters, and ice skating rinks. After the ship sets sail from Barcelona, it goes to Marseille, where guests can spend the entire afternoon around the French city. It also goes to Ibiza for the day!

If you want to see the entire itinerary of The Ark, be sure to check out the cruise’s website!

Then, let us know what about “The Ark” is coolest to you!

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