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Voyer EP

2017-01-09 01:50

Voyer EP09/01/2017

Have you heard Kevin Saunderson?

Along with members Derick May and Juan Atkins, they as the Belleville Three helped change the face of Techno.

Kevin Saunderson then worked under the Inner City moniker, along with vocalist Paris Grey, and had him become a platinum-selling artist, selling over six million records worldwide and amassing Twelve UK Top 40 hits with various singles and debut album “Paradise.”

His imprint KMS Records is now celebrating its 30th anniversary with Armada Music!

In his words, “It’s very exciting and I look forward to our working relationship together, particularly moving into the new year with all we have planned for celebrating 30 Years of KMS Records, whilst continuing to release the music we love and maintaining our part in the history of Electronic Music!”

And, in honor of this celebration, KMS is releasing “Voyer EP,” which is the brainchild of Italian DJ and producer Luce Gaeta.

Why don’t you grab a listen to the EP?

Then, let us know which track is your favorite!

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