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Joyzu Running!

2017-01-11 16:43

Joyzu Running!11/01/2017

If you need a track with infectious vibes and strong arrangement, “Running” by Joyzu is perfect for you!

The American act recently released the track marking the duo’s second project for their label, The Bearded Man. The song is filled with flashy rhythms and killer vocals, accompanied by hulking synths and powerful lyrics. Quality music indeed!

You’ve probably heard of Joyzu before, the duo consisting of Quinton Pope and Carson Willms from California and Colorado. They’ve already shared the stage with leading DJs and producers like Zeds Dead and Krewella. Plus, they already charted in the Global and USA Viral Top 50. They’re on their way to the top, and you can guarantee the song “Running” will help get them there.

Why don’t you grab a listen to Joyzu’s “Running”?

And, with the theme of ‘running,’ let us know your favorite song to exercise to!

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