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“Ride” Remix by Dubfire + Miss Kittin

2017-03-23 08:42

“Ride” Remix by Dubfire + Miss Kittin23/03/2017

We all loved the anthem “Exit,” but Dubfire and Miss Kitin have collaborated once again for the song “Ride!” And in honor of this, some of our favorite producers have created their own versions of the songs!

A big pack of remixes will be released very soon alongside the two original versions, so you can’t miss out!

Solomun, who’s known for his melodies and hooks, centers his mix on the ticking percussion and pulsating synth delays. He ends it big, with a throbbing beat!

Matthew Dear, on the other hand, takes on a minimalist approach, with a no-nonsense groove. He reminds us how instrumental he was in formulating an oddball techno sound.

Depech Mode, Erasure and Vince Clarke also make an appearance in the package!

You have four very different remixes to pick which you should listen to four. Check all of them out!

Once you do, why don’t you let us know which remix is your favorite!

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