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Glitterbox is happening at Hi Ibiza!

2017-03-23 08:44

Glitterbox is happening at Hi Ibiza!23/03/2017

Are you ready for Friday nights with classic house and disco dancefloor cuts?

Every week from June 9 to September 29, Glitterbox will be taking over the new club, Hi Ibiza, with mind-blowing production, huge lineups, and even dance crews in full force. There’ll be a mix of modern-day anthems and old classics that will be playing, and you can’t miss out on it!

If you guys didn’t know, this is Glitterbox’s new high. They’re known for bringing together Barbara Tucker and Louie Vega, Dimitri From Paris, Horse Meaet Disco, and so many more!

In the words of Simon Dunmore, “Every Friday you can expect an event with an extrovert personality – an extravaganza! A party that screams “good times”. It’s where people come together to celebrate incredible dance music from across the decades, provided by DJs that know how to rock the discotheque. It’s flamboyant, spiritual and hedonistic. The ultimate dancefloor escape.”

Be sure to check out Gliterrbox’s residency at Hi Ibiza!

And then, why don’t you let us know what you love most about Glitterbox’s projects?

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