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Purple Haze a.k.a Sander van Doorn

2017-03-23 08:47

Purple Haze a.k.a Sander van Doorn23/03/2017

We’ve all been anticipating Dutch luminary Sander van Doorn’s alter-ego, and now he announces all about Purple Haze!

Sander van Doorn has made a name for himself as a defining artist in the electronic music scene today, but he’s finally ready to introduce to the world his alter ego!

Purple Haze is a new and separate endeavor as a star, demonstrating the artist’s versatility. We’ll be able to witness a sharper, darker, and rougher side – his new track “Neiloj” ready to be premiered in May!

Some were privileged to witness Purple Haze life during P.Haze 1 & 2 shows set in Sydney and Melbourne. All eyes and ears are fixed on Purple Haze’s channels, which you can check out now for more information!

Once you check out the website, let us know – if you had an alterego, what would your name be?

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