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MHD at DreamBeach!

2017-07-25 08:53

Dreambeach Festival 2017 at Villaricos, Spain happening from August 10-15 recently announced huge names to their lineup, including Tiesto, David Guetta, Pendulum, Carl Cox, Luciano, and so many more!

Well, with less than a month left, they just got their audience even more excited for the event by adding French rapper MHD to their 5th anniversary lineup! If you guys didn’t know, MHD has amassed almost 500 million views of just 13 videos on his YouTube channel, pioneering a new genre of hip-hop called “Afro Trap.” “Afro Trap” blends trap music from the southern US with Afro music.

Dreambeach festival is in the coastal town of Andalusia, located to the North East of Almeria, so the place itself is not one to miss!

Check out the festival’s website to see the entire line-up!

Then, let us know which of French rapper MHD’s work you love the most!

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