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New LGBTI Club in Amsterdam!

2017-08-15 04:23

Amsterdam is becoming the spot to party, and they’re making it even more diverse with a new LGBTI club!

JACK was recently unveiled during the spectacular boat parade of Pride Amsterdam. Acccording to their spokesperson Patricia, “JACK is for everyone who is looking for liberation and mystery that is synonymous to our core values. It’s a club for the LGBTI community, for young people but also for the ones who have known the electronic music scene for a while now. For those who want to feel free and who like to be surprised sometimes during nightlife.”

What made Jack’s boat unique during the pride parade is that they told the story of Adam and Adam. The club is dedicated to human rights, freedom, and self-expression.

Check out Jack’s website to find out more information about this new club!

Then, let us know what you love most about what the club stands for!

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