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The two Irish stars have invited Natalie Rose to put his voice on the instrument of ‘Wombass’. The result, entitled ‘The Right Song’, will be available on January 22, with a clip focuses on dance and transcendence … Meanwhile, remémorons us the dance of the two DJ’s on stage at the Amsterdam Music Festival last […]

League of Legends displays an impressive cast of electronic artists to remix songs from his revered online game … The new ‘WarSongs’ embeds produceurs as Mako, Minnesota, Jauz, Vicetone, Marshmello, Arty, James Egbert, to name a few! This is not the first time that the game established links with high-end artists. Last year, for example, […]

The young Norwegian has appeared on the screens of millions of Americans, accompanied by Parson James Live to play his hit ‘Stole The Show . ” In its introduction, the star of the American TV Kygo recalls that is the artist who has reached the faster one billion tracks on Spotify …

Here are some excerpts from our Disclosure of interview in the magazine DJ Mag # 11 from September to October 2015. Nothing stops the Lawrence brothers! Born in 1991 and 1994, Guy and Howard scariest counters. Their humble beginnings on the small independent label Moshi Moshi have given way to record sales which nobody expected. […]

Earlier this week took place the European Festival Awards ceremony in the Netherlands … Among the winners, the Sziget festival was awarded for its line-up. Although with slightly more than 500 concerts and 50 scenes, the Hungarian festival has taken a major place in the European landscape. From 11 August, the Sziget music lovers will […]

Crowdfunding platforms full of innovative ideas and concepts. Currently on Ulule, a project is much talk on the side of DJ’s … Soondy based on a simple concept, similar to DJ streaming. In fact, rather than going to tap into countless playlists available on Apple Music, Deezer or Spotify, Soondy offer customers to connect to […]

With its new graphic identity, embodied by a wolf’s head, the Caprices Festival in Switzerland has just unveil its complete programming. Exit international varieties, the festival focuses solely on electronic music in all they have more underground … Whether in the resort, with the programming of the Moon or the top of the slopes, 2200m […]

The show “DJ Mode On Employment” is back on the cable channel MCM for a new season always articulated around coach Bob Sinclar … Airing every Wednesday, the program proposes to assist ten DJ’s lack of trust, reputation or technical. In a few weeks, and see those profiles to keep pace advice Bob Sinclar, with […]

This will not be a concert like no other … The symbol is very strong. Since the diplomatic warming with the United States, Cuba is in full swing, with an opening on the outside that Cuban youth were waiting at a halt. Culture also was often under embargo, which prevented Stars and American artists come […]

From 3 to 5 June, 2016, the Weather Festival will reinvest the Le Bourget Exhibition Centre that he was born in 2014. After a 2015 edition of green in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes, the organizers have decided to revive the industrial decor and aerospace Bourget, certainly more in line with techno rave […]