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Dos Palomas Negras
Posted by info-1
April 7, 2021

Hollands base of Funky House music.

Posted by Chloé
March 19, 2021

ORIGINS Creative, poetic, and artistic events From the Japanese “flower on fire” translated as fireworks, Hanabi is a collective of multidisciplinary artists born from a meeting between two students passionate about music, art, and culture. Together they decide to form the duo Shibuyaam (union of Shibuya793 and Yaam) in 2019 and perform in DJ sets […]

Vib’in records
Posted by Vibin records
March 5, 2021

Vib’in Records is an independent music label that identifies with a universal, versatile and modern musical culture. Founded in 2018 by Anthony Mahadimby and Angelique Vilrus, our two friends wish, through this Label, to emphasize a diversification represented by each of the artists signed. Between House Music, Pop, Moombahton, the result is a velvety energy […]

STRND Records
Posted by cyriltrad
November 13, 2020

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, STRND was founded to support local and foreign upcoming artists. Introducing the electronic music scene in Lebanon to its talented and underrated music producers, DJs and performers will remain STRND’s priority, in addition to the multiple collaboration with the country’s finest managements to bring the purest sounds of every genre to […]

Vib’in records
Posted by Vibin records
November 9, 2020

French Independent Record/Editor Label 🇫🇷 Born in 2018 : House, Pop, Urban Music

Posted by Lisicq
November 3, 2020

Attentio!.. Se bestia, leika oi-no- — biforana!.. “Lisica” — also knoun, as: Tom “Uickxd” Uoki ( — one of the uorld’s most — high — rated geniuses from Moscou (Russia)!.. In aither:, Lisicq.101.Ru,,, Djvefire.Ru/index/8-24,,,,,,,,,;,,,; interact (tip):,, Bananastreet.Ru/Lisicq, […]

Deep Freak Records
Posted by Deep Freak Records
October 20, 2020

Deep Freak Records music distribution for everyone. Record deals for artists we believe in. Deep Freak Records is working with some of the most talented producing | Acid House / Techno / Tech House / Dub Techno / Minimal house producers, artists from all around the world. with their own label releases with early house influences, […]

Sinus Media
Posted by sinus media
October 7, 2020

SM is a Sinus Media it is a Music Label founded by Riyas Ayiroor in the year 2016 . The primary importance is given to music

Neural Source
Posted by neurals.br3452
August 10, 2020

Neural Source is a Tech House Project presented to the world in 2018 releasing 2 tracks, Attack and Jhaulle under the Project Pro Music label. Behind the project is the Brazilian dj and producer Raphael Magalhães, on the market since 1992. In 2020, the Project prepares 6 more new tracks for launch in the second […]

Swastika Lab is a project of Khanjan Mehta aka AGENDA 21. It’s a Record Label & a Producer’s home who DJ & make Music & Engineer silence. Audiophile’s who have wide range of circle amongst the underground community. Do visit our webpage Page : Meet Huzefa Ali my Senior an Underground DJ & Producer […]

Divergente recordings
Posted by Clubbing TV
July 12, 2018

Divergente recordings is young label specialized in électronic music. Based near Montpellier, the label is managed by its own director mrs Porta.N in collaboration with Stephan Porta. Today, Divergente recordings works with artists who dare anything to allow themselves to love music electronic in its diversity.

Mesma Records
Posted by Clubbing TV
December 22, 2017

Mesma Records is an independant electronic music label based in Paris run by Aymar & Gabor.