For the second year, Clubbing TV has decided to rank the best live-streaming DJs in the dance music scene.

Knowing all the pros & cons of the live streaming experience, the technical headaches, the platforms challenges and the endless Content ID claims, Clubbing TV has established the criteria of what makes a good live streaming.

This is Clubbing TV’s TOP40 Live Streaming DJs 2021 !

David Guetta

The number one of this Top 40 Live Streaming DJs.

On the top of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubaï, David Guetta gave an unbelievable set to raise money for the Unicef.
Part of his flawless United At Home series produced by the talented team of Nomobo.

You can watch the stream HERE!

Top 40 Live Streaming DJs

Artists & DJs Ranking 2-10

Nora En Pure

Playing from Graubünden or Arnensee in Switzerland, the last streams of Nora En Pure are a combination of stunning footages and lively beats. Nora En Pure surely deserve this second place!

You can watch the stream HERE!

Carl Cox

In front of his wall of vinyls, the king of techno Carl Cox has been doing some of the most groovy live streams this year. With his massive record collection and his deejaying skills, Carl Cox is our number 3 this year!

You can still listen to the stream HERE!

Benny Benassi

With streams from Venezia or Arena Di Verona in Italy, Benny Benassi and his team have entertained the fans for a few weeks! Playing house classic and sick new tunes, those streams have already reached millions of viewers!

You can watch the stream HERE!

Armin Van Buuren

One of the most constant streamer in the industry, the master of Trance Armin Van Buuren and his A State Of Trance show are our number 5!

You can watch all the State Of Trance streams HERE!


With their A Last Stream – Away To Al Faya Mountain made by Factory People and Creative State, the duo Mathame will blow your mind. An air of post-apocalyptic set with sick techno tunes.

You can watch the stream HERE!

Deborah De Luca

Deborah De Luca chose her hometown in Napoli, at Vele di Scampia, one of Italy’s most dangerous place to live for her stream.
With her dark techno sounds, she took over Vele di Scampia to promote a free and melodic place which suffers from a very bad reputation!

You can watch the stream HERE!


Her stream from Farsha, Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt reached almost 3 millions views. Melodic techno and progressive house sounds in an Ali Baba like venue on the beach, you will be amazed!

You can watch the stream HERE!

Who Made Who

The Danish electronic pop trio WhoMadeWho has released an eye-catching 60-minute live performance from Næstved, in Denmark! The video direction and the music are absolutely perfect…

You can watch the stream HERE!


One-man Band, Mezerg is streaming live with his PianoBoomBoom and Theremin. If those words don’t mean anything to you, it’s time to check his live stream sessions. Hint : it’s a trip between electronic and acoustic, jazz and techno, it’s good and it’s different!

You can watch the stream HERE!

Top 40 Live Streaming DJs

Artists & DJ’s Ranking 11-40

Special Categories Winners

Along with the TOP40 Live Streaming DJs, a series of 6 special categories have been made to reward:

“the coolest DJ live stream”, “the most original format”, “the best global initiative”, “the biggest”, “the craziest venue”, and “the most notable absentees” !

The second edition’s of the Top 40 Live Streaming DJs has been made by the vote of 12 independent professionals of the music industry which were asked to give notes on criteria such as regularity, quality, scenery & fund raising, on an extensive list of DJs doing live streaming.

Fully focused on how to improve the streams on the channel, Clubbing TV has also created its own live-streaming platform : which makes everything easier for DJs and their fan base!