Ibiza's DJ scene heats up with two major contests - the ANTS: NEXT GEN at Ushuaïa & the DJenerates Global DJ Search at Amnesia .

The lush and vibrant island of Ibiza, known for its world-renowned club scene, is set to host two major DJ contests this year: the ANTS: NEXT GEN DJ COMPETITION at Ushuaïa Ibiza and the DJenerates Global DJ Search at Amnesia Ibiza.

  1. Introduction to the Contests:

Ushuaïa’s ANTS: NEXT GEN DJ COMPETITION is a high-concept competition designed to find the next generation of DJ talent. This competition, in partnership with Beatport is set to take the ANTS brand to another level at Ushuaïa Ibiza with a season-long celebration of unprecedented scale.

The DJenerates Global DJ Search is a contest powered by DJ Mag, Amnesia Ibiza, Clubbing TV, 1001Tracklists, Tribes TV, and Klubcoin. Its aim is to transform talented bedroom DJs into a new member of the Amnesia & Djenerates families and support the winner through a promising career.

  1. Who Are These Contests For?

The ANTS: NEXT GEN DJ COMPETITION is designed for upcoming DJs looking to take a plunge into the more business-oriented aspects of the music industry. This contest is partnered with Beatport, a powerhouse in the electronic music industry that recently acquired IMS Ibiza and has been rapidly expanding its influence. DJs looking to enter the “big machine” of the music business will find this competition particularly appealing. It’s an unrivaled opportunity for ambitious, business-focused DJs who are eager to join an established and influential brand, ANTS, that has helped nurture the careers of many up-and-coming stars on the global stage.

Contrastingly, the DJenerates Global DJ Search is targeted towards DJs who are passionate about music and the partying side of the scene. It’s less about business maneuvering and more about the fun, excitement, and long-term commitment to the craft of DJing. This contest, which includes partners like DJ Mag, Amnesia Ibiza, and Clubbing TV, is ideal for talented bedroom DJs who are keen on creating an impact in the electronic music world through their creativity and passion for the music itself. It offers an enjoyable journey that can transform talented bedroom DJs into credible actors of the scene who would like to be part of a crew that will push them to the top.

  1. How to Participate:

To join the ANTS: NEXT GEN DJ COMPETITION, participants need to create a fresh 30-minute mix that aligns with the ANTS trademark sound and upload it to Soundcloud by midnight (CET) on Monday, 8 May. The entry guidelines are available on the Unitedants.com website.

For the DJenerates Global DJ Search, participants must join The Klub Discord server and follow the outlined steps on their website to start earning points. The contest includes weekly challenges, DJ set sharing, and other activities, with 24 semi-finalists chosen to showcase their skills through a unique leaderboard system. The leaderboard will be updated in real-time and points can be earned through various activities. Registration is open until June 14th, 2023.

  1. The Prize:

The ultimate winner of the ANTS: NEXT GEN competition will perform on Ushuaïa Ibiza’s iconic poolside stage, receive expert career mentorship, a production masterclass with an ANTS resident DJ, an array of DJ essentials, and a bumper package of ANTS 10 YEARS STRONG merchandise. They will also receive a pair of Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones and several subscriptions from Beatport Group.

The DJenerates Global DJ Search winner will perform live at Amnesia Ibiza on October 6th, 2023, receive 20,000 KlubCoin tokens, and one KlubList NFT, thus kickstarting their career in the electronic music world. All partners will unite to give an extra push to the winner and give her/him all the tools to launch a credible and long-term career.

This summer in Ibiza offers two distinctive opportunities for DJs to showcase their talent, build their careers, and join the ranks of the world’s top DJs. Both competitions are now open for entries and welcome all enthusiastic and aspiring DJs to join. Don’t miss out on these rare opportunities to shine on Ibiza’s most renowned stages.