Doel Festival 2023
Sep 2023
Start Date
Sep 16 2023, 9:00 PM
Paradise City Festival
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Line Up

AGY3NA,Alfred Anders,Barker (Live),Best Served Cold,Calibre,Dana Kuehr, Gurl & Islas,Dana Montana,DANCE DIVINE,DJ Gigola,DJ Plant Texture,DJ Rino,DVS1,FBQ,Flapy,Hill Men,John Noseda,Juliana Huxtable & JASSS,juliojulio,Lengelhair,Lilihell,Lola Haro,Luigi Tozzi (Live),Mandana,Mayell,Melissa Juice,Nala Brown,Nathalie Seres,Nosedrip,Ogazón & Merve,Om Unit presents Acid Dub Studies (Live),Peter Van Hoesen (Live),phanom,Postelein,Rozevelt,Sixsixsixties,Sugar Free,Sybil,Vera Logdanidi,Vlada,Zouzibabe


Adana Twins

Monkey Safari

Kiko B2B Citizen Kain

Tom Pooks B2B Joy Kitikonti


Mood Gorning B2B Albanø

About This Event

Doel is a festival taking place in the near deserted streets of the mythical town carrying the same name. Doel is a village frozen in time, where the layers of history are readable on the facades of the buildings still standing and ever evolving because of weekly additions of new graffiti art. It invokes communal musical discovery in a truly remarkable nostalgia-breathing urban environment. It is a dystopian and unlikely location and offers a spectral haze, daytime exploration and a luminescent pageant at night, all distilled into a one-day festival escapade.
The second edition of Doel Festival will happen Saturday, September 16, 2023.


9130 Doel