Festival Rosnicka 2023
Jun 2023
Start Date
Jun 30 2023, 9:00 PM
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Line Up

Rhyw -David Kochs- fleika – Veit B – DMITRIEVNA – Blue Uandi – nadváha – mimomrtn – and many more.


Adana Twins

Monkey Safari

Kiko B2B Citizen Kain

Tom Pooks B2B Joy Kitikonti


Mood Gorning B2B Albanø

About This Event

Festival Rosnička is about changing music stereotypes and showing another view beyond the interest of the mainstream media and music.

You are right here, if you have open ears, you like progressive, not just electronic music and you are interested in actual underground music.

Colorful dramaturgy including techno, house, disco, rap or more experimental genres of the electronic club music.


Svitavy, 568 02, U Rosničky, Czech Republic