ICKPA 2023
Jun 2023
Start Date
Jun 23 2023, 9:00 PM
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Line Up

AGY3NA,Aksed,Alex Savageb2b Ponura,Alicia Carrera,Amelia Holt b2b Yumi,Ani Kvirkvelia,Ash Scholem,ATEQb2b Victor,Bambu,Borysb2b Noizar,Beesmunt Soundsystem,Byron Yeates,Candy Pollard,CEMb2b DJ Spit,Dali (GE),Denis Polyakov,DER DIKTATUR,DJ 69,DJ TOOLb2b Ndrx,ERIS,Gael,Generali Minerali,Héctor Oaks,Irakli,Jana Woodstock,Jane Fitz,Kancheli,Karineb2b Shakolin,Koloahb2b Udda,Nastia, Nastya Muravyovab2b Tweeman,Nastya Vogan,O.BEEb2b Tomas Station,Oliver Hafenbauer,OMAR (UY)b2b Diamin,Resom,S-candalo,Salome,sasha zhylyaev ,Sasha Zlykh,Seqtab2b Dito,Sportsmanship,TUCHALIVE,Vera Logdanidi,Zittob2b Zurkin,zolaa.LIVE


Adana Twins

Monkey Safari

Kiko B2B Citizen Kain

Tom Pooks B2B Joy Kitikonti


Mood Gorning B2B Albanø

About This Event

ICKPA is coming to Berlin! Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the festival, once again, is in doubt to be able to hold residency in the hometown of Kyiv; However, ICKPA will find a new temporary home in Berlin in the summer.

The dates for the festival are set to be June 23-25, 2023, and the host of this edition will be RSO club in Berlin. ICKPA and RSO have previously collaborated to produce more of a subtle edition of the 2022 ICKPA. As the party was well-received and supported by the community in Berlin and worldwide, the two institutions have decided to take the collaboration one step further and put out the three-day festival for summer 2023.

Along with an intriguing musical program, ICKPA pledges to come to Berlin with its concept’s fullness and introduce the cultural dialogue platform to the Berlin audience. The festival will feature a day of Talks and Panel Discussions – topics and speakers of which will soon be announced too.

The 2023 edition of ICKPA will support charitable causes in Ukraine and send a large portion of the profits to the charity and support Kyiv Angels Foundation, Kyiv Volunteers Foundation, K41 Community Fund
and Closer Foundation.

Along with other fundraising initiatives, the festival will once again host a charity football tournament to unite mixed-gender teams from dance community.


Schnellerstrasse 137, 12439 Berlin