Icona Pop, the globally renowned duo, has unveiled exciting details about their highly anticipated second studio album, titled "CLUB ROMANTECH."

The album is scheduled to release on September 1 through Ultra Records / Iconic Sound Recordings / TEN Music Group. Fans were treated to the official artwork, track listing, and a brand new single called “Where Do We Go From Here,” offering a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming body of work.

“Where Do We Go From Here” holds special significance for Icona Pop, as it was one of the first songs they penned in the fall of 2020 when they found themselves unable to return to their Los Angeles home due to the pandemic. Back in Stockholm, they formed a small crew and delved into music production, resulting in a track that represents their signature blend of eclectic, fun, and emotionally charged music. This sentiment is echoed throughout the entirety of CLUB ROMANTECH.

Caroline from Icona Pop shares her perspective on the album, expressing, “As Icona Pop, we can release a pop tune or a super hard dance song, and that’s who we are. When we started writing this album, we didn’t impose any restrictions on ourselves. Our aim was to share a vision with our fans and invite them into our world.”

Aino adds, “Through our music, we pour all our problems and stress. We enjoy concealing heartbreak and sadness within uplifting danceable tracks. It was an emotionally intense process, and the music reflects that.”

The global pandemic led Icona Pop to sell their Los Angeles home and return to Stockholm for quarantine. However, this setback offered them a unique opportunity to reconnect with their electronic and alternative roots while infusing their music with the maturity and experience gained over the years as performers and accomplished songwriters. Despite the challenges, they managed to create an album that captures their essence and growth.

Caroline reflects on their time in Stockholm, stating, “We finally had the time to explore, have fun, and experiment with different sounds. We’re going back to our core but from a more evolved perspective. Initially, leaving L.A. and the system we had established there was devastating. We suddenly found ourselves alone in Sweden, and there were tears. However, in hindsight, I’m grateful for that time. The studio became our refuge during the pandemic.”

Apart from “Where Do We Go From Here,” the album will include recently released tracks like “Shit We Do For Love” (with Yaeger), “Faster,” and “I Want You” with Galantis. Icona Pop fans can also expect to hear previously released songs such as “You’re Free” (with Ultra Naté), “Off Of My Mind” with VIZE, “SPA” with SOFI TUKKER, and “Feels In My Body.”

Icona Pop’s journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide, as they infuse their music with a fresh and invigorating energy. With “CLUB ROMANTECH” on the horizon, fans can eagerly anticipate a sonic experience that reflects the duo’s resilience and artistic growth, as they invite listeners into their vibrant musical world.

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Club Romantech tracklist:
1. Fall In Love
2. Desire (with Joel Corry)
3. Shit We Do For Love (with Yaeger)
4. Stick Your Tongue Out
5. Make Your Mind Up Babe
6. Stockholm At Night
7. Where Do We Go From Here
8. I Want You (with Galantis)
9. Loving You Ain’t Easy
10. Need You
11. Off Of My Mind
12. Faster
13. You’re Free (with Ultra Naté)
14. Feels In My Body
15. Spa (with SOFI TUCKKER)