The global dance music scene has been set ablaze, thanks to the thrilling “DJenerates DJ Global Search” competition that had participants break a sweat as they faced intense weekly mix challenges. Hosted by DJenerates Klub, KlubCoin, and Amnesia, the contest concluded with “Two Guys Plus Machines”, a Colombian live act, clinching the winning title.

Out of a whopping 1,400 DJs from around the world, only four made it to the final round. The climax of the competition saw the finalists delivering a two-hour set in the Amnesia Virtual Club within Decentral Games on August 29th. This high-octane event was also broadcasted simultaneously on Clubbing TV, further amplifying the buzz and excitement.

The competition was more than just a one-off event; from April 21st to August 29th, it operated in the online space of The Klub Discord. The mechanism was innovative and kept participants on their toes, with points awarded through a blend of weekly challenges and the sharing of DJ sets. A leaderboard system and multiple knockout stages later, the finalists found themselves performing in Amnesia’s Virtual Club, setting the stage for an unforgettable showdown.

Two Guys Plus Machines” is not just another electronic act. Founded in 2020 by the Sáez brothers, Esteban and Santiago, the duo has its roots in Bogotá, Colombia. They embarked on this musical journey with an intriguing mission: to explore the intricate dance between technology and human creativity. Their unique setup, comprising synthesizers, controllers, and algorithms, churns out tracks brimming with spontaneity and emotion. The brothers’ sound, a fusion of 90s vibes with Latin percussion, clearly struck a chord with the judges and the audience, propelling them to victory.

Esteban Sáez expressed their joy and gratitude, saying, “Playing in an iconic club like Amnesia is a dream come true. This contest was not just about winning; it was a rigorous journey that allowed us to hone our craft.”

The DJenerates isn’t just any brand; it’s a pioneer in immortalizing iconic dance music characters through NFTs, with endorsements from legendary figures like Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, and Jamie Jones.

Powering this colossal competition were big names: DJ Mag, Amnesia Ibiza, Clubbing TV, and Klubcoin.

Ivor Viskovic, Klubcoin’s CMO, shared his excitement, stating, “We’re thrilled to offer Esteban and Santiago a golden opportunity. This is a testament to the immense potential of the KlubCoin ecosystem and DJenerates Klub.”

For those looking to witness “Two Guys Plus Machines” perform live at Amnesia Ibiza on September 29th, 2023, tickets are available on Prepare to be mesmerized by a duo that has faced and overcome intense challenges to reach the pinnacle of their art form.