We had a small talk with GORDO before his night in Paris at the T7. Read, listen, interact and spend a moment with the new GORDO!

To introduce you GORDO it’s better to do it with music… So before starting to read the interview, play the set below and continue your reading.

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Your new project GORDO started in 2020. How did you fans reacted initially to this change? 

It was a bit of a different change of pace, but it was taken pretty well.  

I’ve always changed, so people accept it pretty well. 

When you are in the studio, how different is your production process ?
It’s the same. I just kind of just try to make something that I like. You know, a lot of later stuff was house music, so it wasn’t a big drastic change for me. 

Carl Cox told us in an interview that EDM was a step for people to get into house or techno music. Do you feel that you’ve “converted” some of your fans? 

Yeah, all of my fans, majority of my fans have converted over. It’s education. It’s we’re all learning. I’m learning. My friends are learning while going up, you know?


Do you feel that the hate that some techno purists can have against EDM has impacted the way they see you as a techno artist?

Yes. I don’t really let things faze me. I just do what I want to do, listen to my heart, listen to my soul and don’t really focus on any negative stuff, just positive.

On your interview with Billboard you say that you are very intrigued by the dance music culture and you feel like an outsider. Could you elaborate for us? 

I can just ask you if one other artist like myself has transitioned this authentically and organically ever in the dance music scene. I think it’s never happened before. Yeah, I think that kind of tells you how much of an outsider I am.

I’m an outsider. I came into the Carnage brand as an outsider. I was making rap music, and then I fell in love with EDM, and I fell in love with trap music. I fell in love with hardstyle. With psytrance. I didn’t grow up listening to dance music. I was a student for EDM. And then I became a student for techno. And then for tech house. The thing is, I also want to separate myself from a lot of these people who are just d– riding and bandwagoning the situation just because the EDM scene has gone to s—.


Tonight you will be playing alongside KAS:ST. Have you ever played with them? How do you prepare for your set?

No. This is my first time playing with KAS:ST, and I’m excited to see this. Not a lot of artists like them take the chance to do a shoot with an artist like me, but I think the people in Paris are really excited.
I prepared by having lunch with Phil from Cercle and we talked about what I should do tonight. Mostly Brainstorming.

Your passion is very noticeable. What does mixing music and producing represent for you?

Represents everything. It represents personality, represents character, represents love, it represents passion. It represents so many things that keep us going every day. You know, we need to live.

Do you have any new exciting projects for this 2023 coming up?

The glorious album is coming. It’s coming soon. Very soon.


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What can you tell us about your own event series, Taraka? 

Yeah, we are launching a lot of big Tarakas this year all over the world. Europe, South America, United States, Asia. That’s my number one thing I’m focusing on and just bringing my people, my community, me educating the sounds, just a different sound, a different feel. And that’s like my main focus.

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We’ve covered some music aspects, but we would love to know how has it has been teaming up with Seeds of Learning?

When I was born, I was born in DC. In Washington, DC. And then I moved to Guatemala when I was two years old. And growing up in a country like that and seeing poverty and seeing stuff like that made me who I am, and made me really appreciate life, especially in places that don’t have that much poverty. It made me really accept things and really appreciate stuff. And I think a lot of majority of the DJs never really experience stuff like that. So, I think that puts me on a different scale of appreciation.


I’m extremely happy. I’m extremely blessed. I’m grateful. And I’m happy that twelve years later, I’m still kicking and getting bigger and bigger. I’m excited for the biggest year of my entire career, this year.