It's a very sad news for the festival goers. Tomorrowland won't be happening for the second year in a row. Tomorrowland 2021 is canceled.

It’s a very sad news for the festival goers. Tomorrowland won’t be happening for the second year in a row.

Last month Tomorrowland, still hopefull stated : ” We want to study the guidelines and parameters from the National Government in the next days, so that we can properly communicate the different scenarios and implications.”

And indeed, the massive Belgian festival got the green light from the Belgium government for its edition happening during two weekends : August 27-28-29 and September 3-4-5.

But today the sad news came :

The mayor of Boom, the city where Tomorrowland is happening since 15 years decided not to permit the festivals new proposed dates.

Tomorrowland reacted to the news on HLN  via its spokesperson Debby Wilmsen :

“Giant disaster! As Tomorrowland, we want to organize a safe festival first and foremost and we have stated several times that we will always continue to evaluate and anticipate the epidemiological situation. The mayor of Boom and his counsel have indicated to us that we can go to the Council of State against this decision.”

“After fifteen years of intensive cooperation, this feels very wry and we find it very unfortunate after the many constructive preparations and conversations, federal commitments have reached this point, where we no longer know what just happened to us and have to let it go for a while. Settle.”

We at Clubbing TV are profoundly sorry for the festival organizers, the artists, the media partners like us, and of course all of us party goers, but we will all come back stronger next year and to help you wait for 2022, we have some tickets for the sold out virtual event :  Tomorrowland Around The World !

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And by the way, for those who don’t wanna wait one more year, don’t forget the Winter edition at Alpes d’Huez next March !