We all know that the festival scene is more than just music nowadays – it’s about connecting people, making waves, and sending out positive vibes! Grab your tissues, because this episode is a tearjerker! We’re sharing the most emotional moments from some of our favorite aftermovies! These times legendary!

Tomorrowland 2013: Armin van Buuren Announcement
Sometimes, we forget that our favorite DJs are real people too!
Dutch DJ, record producer, and remixer Armin van Buuren has been ranked number one DJ by DJ Mag a record number of five times. He was nominated in 2014 for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for the track “This Is What It Feels Like,” making him the fourth trance artist ever to receive a Grammy Award nomination. In the US lone, he holds the most entries on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart with twenty-one entries! He’s played worldwide in an uncountable amount of notable music festivals and countries, however, one of his most memorable sets happened in 2013.
On September 18, 2009, Armin Van Buuren married Erika van Thiel, who have been together eight years prior. He had his first child, a daughter named Fenna, in July 2011. And on July 27, 2013, his wife gave birth to a son named Remy.
So, during his set at Tomorrowland 2013, Armin van Buuren made sure to dedicate his set to his new son as he headlined the main stage. In his words before starting his performance, he said, “I just want to make a very special announcement – I just came straight from the hospital. And, I want the world to welcome… my wife just gave birth to a son. So, I’d like to dedicate my whole set to my new son.”
Grab a look at the clip! You can see the audience tearing up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUhPA5qIxDQ
In honor of Armin van Buuren being a doting father, let us know other DJs you admire as great parents!

Ultra 2013: Swedish House Mafia Says Goodbye
We all hate goodbyes, right? Well, this next clip is going to make you reminisce on that saddening feeling once again!
On the Main Stage of Ultra Music Festival in 2013, Swedish House Mafia said goodbye. This is three years after they first played the flagship dance music event.
The trio decided to split earlier in the year to try something new and in fear of being stagnant. They traveled the world that same year with a tour entitled “One Last Tour” that brought them to 52 shows around the world – including a sold-out Madison Square Garden and a five-night stint at Bill Graham Civic Center. Over one million fans came out overall and 250,000 watched on Live Stream.
Before entering their last set at Ultra Music Festival, they continued to introduce themselves saying, “Good evening Miami. My name is Axwell, this is Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello — and we are still the Swedish House Mafia.” They played all six of their singles – beginning with “Greyhound” and of course, incorporating their remix of Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” and ending with their biggest hit “Don’t You Worry Child.” For his last words, Axwell told everyone “We came, we Raved, and we fucking love you,” which was their tour’s theme and mantra.
Grab a look at the emotional moment, or as the group says, their ‘last day of school.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caYdSWljo1g
And as we know, two of the three artists actually reunited to release themselves as Axwell ^ Ingrosso! Let us know if you like Axwell ^ Ingrosso more or miss Swedish House Mafia!

Sziget 2017: The Power of Diversity
And like we send, the electronic dance music festival scene is sending out great messages around the world as well – like the power of diversity!
In 2017, Sziget festival, one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe held in Budapest, Hungary, invited all their participants to “join the love revolution!” The event organizers state that they aim to, “live in a peaceful world without wards and nuclear threats,” “share an environment where no one can be discriminated or insulted based on their skin color, religion, or sexual identity,” “place sustainability and environmental protection at the heart of our daily lives,” and “respect everyone’s human rights regardless of origin.”
They highlight this well with their 2017 aftermovie that will really warm your heart.
Mid-video, they state “In 2018, we meet again to celebrate the power of diversity. Join the love revolution!” with participants from Korea, Ireland, France, Israel, Italy, and United States sharing messages of positivity! These partygoers share the beauty of Sziget and the values that they prize – making sure to show everybody that the event is nothing but inclusive! My favorite moment is how they showcase everything including wheelchair basketball, highlighting equality triumphs and it really is all about spreading love!
You need to check out Sziget 2017’s video for yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6G26rLsryQ
Once you watch the entire thing, let us know which of the values that were shared you think are most important to advocate!

DGTL 2017: Sustainability
Staying sustainable is another message that the electronic dance music scene wants to project! And DGTL Festival does it best!
Last year, DGTL won “Most Sustainable company of Amsterdam” as they strive to be unique in the festival world by focusing on sustainability and innovation. This means, they’re becoming completely waste and emission free. Some of the specifics they aim for is being meat-free, a hard cup rotation system, a resource plan instead of a waste plan, sustainable merchandise, and even visitor’s urine becoming fertilizer.
According to DGTL’s Marketing Manager in an interview with Festival Insights, “Every year we try to be innovative when it comes to art, technology and sustainability. We seek for the best local partners to arrange this with. With more DGTL events on the agenda, we can’t produce everything from Amsterdam, so the resulting local influence on the DGTL concept will have a positive impact on all DGTLs across the globe.”
They provide pretty thought provoking words and provide intriguing images about sustainability in their 2017 aftermovie! It also shows that being sustainable doesn’t take away from the fun! Check the video out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhn2YAVU1h0
After you do, let us know in what ways you’re trying to go green in your everyday life!

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