Clubbing TV Trends 11
You’re watching Clubbing Trends here on Clubbing TV! What’s up everyone? I’m Gianna Llanes, your resident news girl. We’re taking a trip to Ibiza for this episode, bringing you five new parties in the area that you definitely need to know about! As they say, Ibiza is always a good idea! I’m sure you’re itching to book that ticket, but before that, let’s get talking!
“Who invited you here? No perfect people allowed. I don’t know who you are but I need your approval. Be the worst you can be.” That’s the Dystopia saying as they promote eccentricity! Clubbers all around the world will experience music, live art, and performances of a lifetime at Ushuaia Ibiza!
This is happening form June 1 to September 28 every Friday from 3:30pm till midnight, a perfect introduction to a weekend getaway! Ushuaia is also making the most of their venue with common areas, chill-out spots, adult playgrounds, healing areas, pop-up markets, food trucks, and so many more! It’s the ultimate interactive experience!
Why don’t you also grab a look at this insane teaser video!
You’ll have to check out their website yourself which artists will be there, but if you want a hint, check out the Dystopia Spotify playlist!
Then, let us know your favorite song in the track list!
Pyramid at Amnesia Ibiza
If you’re looking for something to do on a Monday night, Amnesia has something for you!
Pyramid is all about those times when a night out meant energy and dancing until the sun comes up. Until September 24, partygoers can hit up Amnesia on Mondays for the best underground talent!
For the opening party, Ben Klock, Charlotte de Witte, and Luigi Madonna showed what they were made of in the club room!
Who else is featured? Maceo Plex, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, and Cassy are just a few of the names that are part of the lineup! You can check out their website to know who else is coming up!
Like Dystopia, Pyramid also has their own curated Spotify playlist so you can listen to what they’re all about!
If you’re not convinced enough why you need to hit up Mondays at Amnesia, this video will definitely let you know why!
Let us know what you find most illuminating about the Pyramid concept!
IDOL at Sankeys Ibiza
Once you party all night at Amnesia on Monday, you can head over to Sankeys for the Tuesday celebrations!
Travel through music and visuals with today’s electronic music idols at Sankeys Ibiza with Idol! This party has futuristic and artistic vibes and projects that through music The lineup is an entire production!
Electronic music wizard Timo Maas has been a Circoloco resident for 15+ years and toured globally with his deep house and techno. He was nominated for a Grammy twice, so you can bet he’ll provide a one-of-a-kind performance for Idol! Also on the lineup include DJ Hell, Matthew Herbert, Daniel Miller, DJ Martin Buttrich, and Roman Flügel to name a few!
This party runs every Tuesday from July 3 to August 28, so you can still catch it! Check out the venue to see how!
Check out this Idol at Sankeys video with Timo Maas!
Then, let us know what you love most about the headliner!
Tuesdays On Mars at Pacha Ibiza
If you have another Tuesday free and you’ve already tried out Idol at Sankeys Ibiza, then why don’t you spend another Tuesday at Pacha Ibiza with Tuesdays On Mars!
Tuesdays On Mars draws inspiration from the planet of Mars, of course, to show how Ibiza has different and unique sides to it! It takes its partygoers on an intergalactic journey!
Fatboy Slim is one of the event’s headliners, starting the party on the 29th of May and making monthly appearances until Tuesday On Mars’ closing on October 2. Another of the world’s favorite DJs, Calvin Harris, will also be there! The Grammy Award-winning and multi-platinum selling artist is performing on August 12, 21, and 28!
For the full experience, Pacha Ibiza will be adorned in flaming red and themed science-fiction! If you ever wanted to travel to outer space, take this as a test! Here are the visuals!
Once you watch the entire video, let us know what other planet you dream of exploring someday!
GangStar at Hi Ibiza
And the last party we have to talk about today is actually a brand new concept by The Night League and Cathy Guetta! This is going to be a big one!
GangStar is happening every Monday at Hi Ibiza this summer until September 24 with a different approach to Ibiza. Party queen Cathy Guetta is hosting the event with her girls, featuring dance-offs and performances! Why you should go? Well, the night is bringing in a mix of urban music classics, hip-hop, rap, and R&B!
The opening party featured Aldo Vanucci, DJ Charlesy, and GLOWINTHEDARK! But, who else can you watch out for? Federico Kay, Mr Doris and John Damez to name a few! As an added street, David Guetta will be playing at Ushuaia right across the street before GangStar begins!
If you want to know more about GangStar by Cathy Guetta at Hi Ibiza, here’s the vibe!
Let us know, if you were a party host like Cathy Guetta, what would you name your party? Do tell us!
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Thank you for joining us for today’s episode of Clubbing Trends! I hope we inspired you to book a trip to Ibiza, as we said, you will not be disappointed! We’re gonna daydream about it as well in the meantime, but surely, we’ll be there with you soon! The island is waiting for us! This have been Clubbing Trends here on Clubbing TV. I’m Gianna Llanes and we’ll see you all again soon!