I use to go to FUZE every week, religiously. I use to go and stand in the corner, cause it was on Sunday. I was young, I was 23 – 24. I would go out on Friday, and there would be where I ended up on Sunday. I would go religiously every week, stand there in the corner and listen to the music. And one week, I heard one of my tracks being played. I was going crazy. So I went up to the DJ and I said « Hey, this is my tune »! He said « Well come, meet everybody ». So I met Enzo and Rob, and Seb, and over the years we got to know each other better. It took tree years… Eventually they said « Hey, you want to come and play? ». For that reason I think it never been – you know- like a business relationship, or a sort of like DJ-to-DJ relationship. It always been friendship, ravers… Ravers to ravers. We are all the same.