Category – Festival

1) Time Warp 2021 is postponed to October 30th!

Tickets will go on sale as early as March 2021. If you already had a ticket from 2020, you will automatically receive a new ticket for October or a refund.

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Category – Tech

2) Meet SQ-64, a new 4 Tracks Polyphonic Sequencer by Korg

Based on the popular KORG SQ-1, a compact 2 x 8 steps sequencer, Korg has just released the powerful SQ-64, a a 4 tracks, 64 steps sequencer.

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3) The secret to make any kind of Electronic Music if you have no music skills

If your dream is to be like World’s top DJs always mixing in harmony, or like famous producers able to create any kind of music; but you don’t know about music theory ? Mixed in Key is here for you !

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Category – New Release

4) ‘Disco Inferno’ the brand new label of I Hate Models !

Rendez-vous on February 12th for the launch of I Hate Models own label ‘Disco Inferno’! The artist’s EP will be the first release, don’t miss it!

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5) AVAION just released ‘Love Again’ !

The great German artist AVAION just released a new single, named ‘Love Again’! Allow yourself to dream and dance with this track, it’s out now!

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6) ‘Kreatur der Nacht’ the new single by Solomun and Isolation Berlin !

The collaboration of Solomun and Isolation Berlin has fructified into a new track : Kreatur der Nacht! A clip video by Fatih Akin is coming with the single!

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7) Simina Grigoriu makes her debuts on Off Recordings!

Romanian-born, Toronto-bred, and Berlin-based Techno maven Simina Grigoriu has news! Her new single ’Sandbox Wars‘ is out!

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Category – Lifestyle

8)Anetha and family are announcing the birth of ‘Mama Loves Ya’ !

Mama Loves Ya will be a «family» agency, which kindly supports artists in their careers. Whether they are new to business or experienced, it will help them to have a more sustainable environmental impact!

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9) Paris : Peripate is organizing an event ‘Peri-procession’ on bikes!

Bring your bikes! Peripate is offering a tour of the wonderful Paris, to exult your frustration of the lack of partying. RDV December 19th!

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10) Endless Virtual Festival : 24hours of stream!

Access to the stream is free of charge, but spectators will be able to support the artists through donations, or by visiting the merchandising stand that will be set up for the occasion.

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