The highly anticipated winter edition of Sound Waves Festival is all set to make its debut in Lisbon, Portugal, with an exciting lineup of top-tier Techno artists. This event marks a significant shift for the festival, which has been traditionally held in Esmoriz. For the first time in its 18-year history, Sound Waves is bringing its underground atmosphere to the capital city with the Sound Waves Winter Edition.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, December 2nd, at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion, beginning at 08:30 p.m. and concluding at 06:00 a.m.

The lineup for this winter edition is nothing short of spectacular, featuring eight renowned artists from the global Techno scene. Headlining the event is the Dutch sensation OGUZ, famed for his intense and creatively crafted Hard Techno sets. Joining him from Berlin is Patrick Mason, known for his underground and versatile sound, reminiscent of the iconic Berghain Club. Fatima Hajji, bringing her unique stage presence and technique, and Brussels’ legendary Marco Bailey, renowned for his ability to captivate audiences, are among the other major acts.








Cera Khin, an emerging talent in the new Techno scene, will showcase her globally sought-after skills in Lisbon. French artist CLTX, known for his heavy metal-influenced sets, is set to elevate the Techno vibe at the event. The lineup also includes Brazilian artist Joanna Coelho, a favorite among the Portuguese audience for her electrifying Techno Pumping sets. Representing the local Portuguese scene, Techno Groove boss DU/ART will grace the stage, adding to the eclectic mix of performances.

This winter edition is a significant milestone for Sound Waves Festival in 2023, a year marked by the consolidation of the Sound Waves brand. The year has been packed with notable events, including Sound Waves Invites at Hard Club in Porto last March, a memorable summer edition in Esmoriz on July 8th, and the upcoming Sound Waves Invites X-Mas Edition scheduled for December 16th at Hard Club, Porto.

The festival’s DNA has always been about celebrating both established and emerging artists in the electronic music industry. As the only festival in Portugal with a heart in Techno and an underground essence, Sound Waves continues to be a platform for showcasing new talents and innovative sounds in today’s electronic music landscape.

The winter edition in Lisbon is not just another event; it’s a cultural phenomenon bringing together the Techno community for a night of relentless energy and unparalleled musical experiences. With a lineup that promises to deliver an array of Techno styles, from Acid and Hard to Psy Techno, the Carlos Lopes Pavilion is set to pulsate with the rhythms and beats of some of the best artists in the scene. Fans of Techno and electronic music in Portugal and beyond are eagerly anticipating this winter edition, promising an unforgettable night in the heart of Lisbon.