Discover the amazing story of how 5 artists made a whole album in 72hours!

Fennec & Wolf, Bellville, Fabio Vanore, and Vallant are members of the Incroyable Music family and have recently published a new album. It has 9 songs that take you on a musical journey via soft syth, deep house, minimalistic, trippy vocals, acidic components, and many more musical wonders. This album is inventive not only in its delivery of numerous musical aspects, but also in its conception.

In reality, this new record is the result of a joint effort in which all of the musicians convened in a French chalet in the Alps to complete the album in no more than 72 hours. The collaboration created a genuinely unique record by working in shifts over three days, combining various inspirations to produce something absolutely wonderful.

In addition, their experience has been filmed and made into a short documentary that can be found here

It shares their adventures through this challenge where their limits have been pushed and their creativity extended. Because of the inclusion of this visual work, we, as viewers and listeners, have been granted access to the entire process of creating the record, which now has a visual tale.

1) Incroyable Soundsystem, Fennec & Wolf, Vallant, Fabio Vanore, Bellville – Sapois Blues
2) Vallant, Fennec & Wolf – Stay
3) Fabio Vanore, Bellville – Our Happiness
4) Fennc & Wolf, Vallant – The Cure
5) Bellville, Fabio Vanore – Burning Bridges
6) Fennce & Wolf, Vallant – Radiate
7) Fabio Vanore, Bellville – Space Cowboys
8) Vallant, Fennc & Wolf – Ever
9) Bellville, Fabio Vanore – Luomo

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