The Heatwave Festival will impress you with the colors of Pop-Art and with its incredible line-UP in Chicago this year.

From July 16th to 17th, come to Chicago to discover a universe full of colors and music during the Heatwave Festival. Three different atmosphere inspired by famous Pop-Art artists have been created.

If you don’t know what Pop-Art is, you might still know the Andy Warhol‘s Campbell Soup Cans. The other big influence of this art movement is Roy Lichtenstein and his Crying Girl. As you can see, the visuals are very colorful, so is the festival. It will be an exceptional show for your eyes.

But this festival is not only visual, it is also gathering music lovers. Auris Presents has announced the line-UP and it’s full of electronic music. You will be able to dance on techno, house and much more. Some of the most famous artists will attend. On the line-UP you can see TÏESTO, Above and Beyond, Zeds Dead and a lot of other big names. To check the full line-UP you can click HERE.

To enter this atmosphere of colors and music, you have to come to the Heatwave Festival. The organizers have opened the sales, you can now buy your tickets right HERE !