Unveils his Latest Album "The Shape Of Wind" discover the artist universe!

In an exclusive interview with Clubbing TV, esteemed DJ and producer Tristan Garner revealed exciting details about his artistic journey, aspirations, and, most notably, his latest musical offering. With his newly released album, “The Shape of Wind,” Garner takes listeners on a mesmerising melodic adventure. Let’s delve into the enthralling answers he provided, with a particular emphasis on his highly anticipated album.

Musical Style

He described his musical style as a captivating blend of Ambient Progressive, Melodic Breakbeat, and Electronica. This eclectic combination showcases his versatility and commitment to crafting unique sounds that captivate audiences.

Goals for the Year

Garner’s ambitions for the year are centred around his newly released album, “The Shape of Wind.” He expressed his desire to go on tour and perform it live, sharing its evocative melodies with fans around the world. This album represents a culmination of Garner’s creative vision and his unwavering commitment to delivering captivating musical experiences.

"The Shape of Wind" - A Musical Journey

Garner provided tantalising insights into his latest release, describing it as a captivating and melodic journey inspired by the wonders of nature and vast open spaces. The album showcases Garner’s ability to blend intricate melodies, atmospheric soundscapes, and rhythmic elements to create an immersive sonic experience. Listeners are encouraged to close their eyes and allow the music to transport them to ethereal landscapes.

Collaboration Dreams and Influences

In discussing his dream collaboration, Garner revealed an audacious vision—an electro-symphonic opera duet with the acclaimed band Coldplay. This ambitious desire highlights his willingness to push musical boundaries and explore innovative collaborations. Additionally, Garner shared that his current favourite track is “Wasting My Young Years” by London Grammar, a song he recently remixed, showcasing his ability to infuse his unique style into existing musical gems.

Impressions on the Music Industry

When asked about his perspective on the music industry, Garner expressed a desire for a shift away from the prominence of influencers, emphasising the need for a renewed focus on the music itself. This sentiment reflects his commitment to fostering genuine creativity and allowing the power of music to take center stage.

Insight into Tristan Garner's World

Beyond his musical pursuits, Garner provided a personal touch by confessing his addiction to perfumes, offering a glimpse into his multifaceted interests. This revelation adds depth to his persona, showcasing his appreciation for sensory experiences and his commitment to pursuing a life filled with creativity and inspiration.

Tristan Garner’s exclusive interview with Clubbing TV not only sheds light on his artistic journey and aspirations but also places a significant emphasis on his latest album, “The Shape of Wind.” Garner’s dedication to creating captivating musical experiences is palpable in each melodic composition, which takes listeners on an enchanting journey inspired by nature’s wonders.