Clubbing TV's French Media Room at the Amsterdam Dance Event comes back with THE LIST and Spaces for three days of interviews and DJ sets!


Welcome to our Clubbing TV French Media Room live from the Amsterdam Dance Event!
Together with THE LIST and SPACES, we will broadcast DJ sets, live performances and interviews during the busiest week of the year for the dance music industry!
Our editorial team dug renowned DJs, newcomers and underground artists to make sure your will feel like you are in Amsterdam.

How about…

A modular session with David Castellani
A techno energetic melodic set by AM.I
A house jump with the Liverpool lads of Matrefakt
A deep dive into the universe of Chicago’s fav Hiroko Yamamura
A dance with house music wicked selector Sidney Charles
A closing with a live performance from DJ Isis and Mozes
A performance by Not Demure for a morning awakening
A hard industrial experimental hardcore jungle techno set with Slave To Society
A take over from Thrasher and his dark drum & bass tunes
A techno drama session with Germans Teenage Mutants
More techno with München artist ASK:ME
A bit of light with Le Shuuk and his finest edm dj set.
A first round of Watergate 2o years with the talented Jamiie
A moment with the boss Anja Schneider will follow with her flawless selection
An ending with Recondite we are all eager to hear!
A morning dance floor workout with American breakcore’s godfather Doormouse
Tripped won’t be painting but will make you sweat with his hard sounds during your lunchtime
A Watergate 2o years anniversary session with Spanish freshly married Kid Simius
Portuguese/Angolan wicked selector DJEFF will take control of the booth to say one last happy bday to watergate.
A dystopian techno set by Camea’s  for a proper pregame for your Friday night
A dance with Italian maestros Meduza
A bit of Amnesia Ibiza with grande Marco Faraone !
Techno all the way with Abstract Division presenting their first album (finally)
A closing with Afterlife’s favorites Agents Of Time to warm up for an endless night.

You can watch the live on Clubbing TV (95 countries), , Facebook live and on the waves of Radio FG

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