Welcome to the pulsating universe of TikTok's techno trailblazers aka Techtok! You might love or hate it, but here is what we found!

As the beat drops and the hypnotic rhythm of techno music infiltrates the digital sphere, a new generation of artists, DJs, and creators are making their mark on the platform. Dive into the heart-pounding, neon-soaked world of techno on TikTok, where creators are redefining the genre and inviting millions to join them on this electrifying journey. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of beats, synths, and basslines? Let’s explore the phenomenon that is TikTok’s techno takeover.

Start with this playlist regrouping some of the most famous TikTok Techno/EDM/Hard remixes : 

Scarlet Vesper

Scarlet is exactly what the scene needs. A big shot of kindness, care and overall good vibes. 
Scarlet gives tips for new ravers, shows her raves outfits and makes fun videos. 

@scarletvesper POV: meeting a rave mom at your 1st rave ❤️ SHOP @iheartraves NEW Electric Bloom collection for EDC Orlando! #raver #edmtok #plur #ravetok #edm ♬ HIBELL state of emergency – Aaron Hibell

Plenitude Music

🇫🇷 French Youtuber and DJ, Plenitude is doing reviews of the different collectives mostly in Paris. 
He gives you the best tools to pick your favorites according to your musical tastes ! 


Coming from Germany, Joel is a young TikTok content creator with almost 700k followers. His feed is a mix of flash warnings, trendy techno tracks and viral remixes that you will probably hear on a Charlotte De Witte set. 



⚠️FW⚠️ Schweiz tanzt wiedermal aus der Reihe…😂

♬ Originalton – JoelWeyer

Steven Augel

We know, this is not techno. This is TikTok techno and people are going crazy about it.
Steven keeps it simple, black sunglasses and a new track he wants his followers to discover! 


That guy looks like is out of one of Tom Of Finland’s art and we love it! It’s techno, fashion, sexy, sporty and very funny. Don’t take things too seriously ! 

@techno.prinz Lets present VOLTAGE JONNY, he simply had a bad day 😁 ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT! #rage #kick #voltage #techno #comedу #entertainment #techno #rave #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ #fürdich ♬ Originalton – Jannick


Doruksen is a acid & hard techno producer who’s sharing his favorite tracks to the TikTok community. 

T in techno

This page is more about digging viral techno videos! 

I Heart Raves

IHeartRaves is an EDM body with a techno mind! Good vibes only, she shares her love for raves and techno music without dissing the commercial side of the force and we cheer to that! 

Let us know your thoughts on those content creators and share your favorite with us!! Follow us on TikTok aswell!