Your partner is a DJ / a producer, and you don't know what to buy for Valentine's Day? We made the perfect list just for you...

You know the only gifts that will make DJs and producers happy are… music-related stuff! It’s hard when you don’t know anything about it so, we have prepared a little list that can give you some ideas for Valentine’s day:

Let’s start with some headphones!

For Valentine’s Day, Pioneer DJ is showcasing its HDJ-CUE1 Bluetooth headphones in a matte red color that’s synonymous with passion. Inspired by the professional ranges, Pioneer DJ’s consumer-oriented creations are easy to use and perfect for all music lovers.
Check it out on their website, HERE!

Tickets for … Tomorrowland!

We HAD TO! Tomorrowland is our favorite summer festival so we will of course put it on the wish list of any music lover. It’s a magical place where you and your partner can live some unforgettable moments.
If you want to get your tickets it’s right HERE!

By the way, if you don’t want to wait until this summer… there is a winter edition in March!

The unmissable USB key!

Make some space for the most famous gift of them all… the USB key! For this time, we have chosen a key that is not ordinary… it’s Valentine’s day so the heart shape was mandatory! But it’s not just cute, it’s repeatably erasable, and data can be stored for 10 years. Moreover, it has anti-magnetic, earthquake, humidity, high and low-temperature resistance.
If you want to buy it, it’s right HERE!

A subscription to

If your partner is a DJ and likes to make some livestreams, it’s getting real hard nowadays due to Content ID blocking of the social media. This is why we have created, a platform where you can stream as much as you want, with no hiccups!

The subscription is right HERE!

The must-have: a mug!

When you don’t really know what to offer, a mug is always a good gift!
In this case, it’s not a simple mug… it’s the best mug for partners whose heads are always in the clouds! It’s also a fun way to help pass a message… good luck!

Get it right HERE!