Let's go back on February's show Chart³ by Viberate, ranking the best artists according to popularity on social and streaming websites!

Who do you think are the most loved artists of the moment? Let’s discover with Chart³ rank by Viberate… it is on every first Friday of the month, on Clubbing TV!

Let’s see who is beginning the year with great popularity in the top 10 best of House, Deep House, and Down Tempo charts!

Starting with House music:

  • 10th – Claptone check out his last livestream if you want your mind to be blown away!
  • 9th – The 2021 best-selling artist and number 9 is … John Summit ! Let’s go see him at Coachella in April!
  • 8th – Majestic just jumped 10 spots this month, it’s huge! Buy his last track and your money will go to charity.
  • 7th – The South African superstar Black Coffee is next.. the track he wrote after his father’s death is out soon, don’t miss it!
  • 6th- Not moving from a spot, Duke Dumont is still in the chart! He will be at Coachella too… another reason to go!
  • 5th – It’s Vintage Culture‘s turn! He just performed for Cercle, check it out!
  • 4th – Purple Disco Machine is still at the door of the podium this month. The german just released a music video that you need to watch.

Number 3 - Meduza

Meduza is still number 3 ! The trio is killing it as always.
By the way, they are looking for a social media manager if you are interested!

Number 2 - Shouse

The duo Shouse is number 2 .. no surprise! More than 10 million people have searched for their last track on Shazam.. even David Guetta remixed them!

Number 1 - Joel Corry

You guessed it right?
Joel Corry is the first on the podium for the House music chart! He will be playing at Nameless Festival in Italy in 2022 and the Clubbing TV crew will be there to stream it all!

Let’s continue with DeepHouse music:

  • 10th – Rammor loses one spot since last month, but he might go up again thanks to his streams on Youtube!
  • 9th – Klangkarussel are back with a massive tube called ‘Home’, number 1 on Shazam in Austria!
  • 8th – The boss of Dynamics, Solomun, just finished his south American tour! Check his Facebook for more gigs to arrive!
  • 7th – The ghetto king Zakes Bantwini is a singer, producer, and DJ from South Africa, check him out!
  • 6th- Ben Böhmer ‘s new album is out now, he is not number 6th for nothing… go listen to it!
  • 5th – Helsloot is a producer coming from trance and progressive music… now he is number 5th on this Deep-House chart!
  • 4th – Monolink is making his way to the top … maybe next month? We believe it!

Number 3 - Zhu

Zhu‘s is number 3 of this chart! His new album is out now and you can listen to it on every platform! Check it out !


Number 2 - Tinlicker

The Dutch duo Tinlicker is second! They recently released the 4th single off their upcoming album, check it out!

Number 1 - DJ regard

Yeah! DJ Regard is still number one this month! He is not letting anyone take his spot. He will be touring from April in the US, don’t miss him!

Last but not least, the Down-Tempo music chart:

  • 10th – The Cinematic Orchestra is number 10! Even tho the band is not very active on social media, their music is listened to by millions of people!
  • 9th – Let’s go to Island with Olafur Arnalds, he produces music for films and TV, check him out!
  • 8th – C418 , the musician from Minecraft is part of the chart, congrats!
  • 7th – The complete album vinyl edition from Enigma is out now, moreover… he is number 7th on this chart!
  • 6th- Instupendo makes the biggest jump of the month, congrats!
  • 5th – Portishead is number 5th, the band is preparing some cool stuff for 2022!
  • 4th – Island’s superstar Björk is nearly on the podium! Maybe next month? She will tour in US and Europe.

Number 3 - Bonobo

Bonobo made his way to the podium!

His last album will take you on a deep trip of happiness, check it out!


Number 2 - massive Attack

The duo Massive Attack is second! They work together with many institutions on the decarbonization of live music, check it out!


Number 1 - Moby

 Moby deserves his spot as number one in the downtempo chart!
The vegan activist is preparing a lot for 2022, including his next album in May, don’t miss it.