Viberate just released its new charts, ranking our favorite artists according to their popularity on social and streaming websites!

As you know, Clubbing TV and Viberate united on a new show to be broadcast on our TV channel! Chart³ by Viberate is on every first Friday of the month and ranks your favorite artists… Let’s discover November’s superstars!

This is your last chart by Viberate in 2021… who is in the top 10 of House, Deep House, and Downtempo charts?

Starting with House music:

  • 10th – The Dutch artists Lucas & Steve just jumped from 15th to 10th!
  • 9th – The French band Caravan Palace is on a European tour until mid-December, and then, in the US and Canada, try to catch them.
  • 8th – Duke Dumont just lost a place, but might climb it back after New Year’s Eve shows in NYC and San Fransisco.
  • 7th – The biggest jump: from 18th to 7th! John Summit just release FFRR, his favorite production so far.
  • 6th- Bob Sinclair keeps his spot and continues to release bangers.
  • 5th – The Brazilian Vintage Culture just lost his spot of 1st, but is still in top Catch him at the Ultra Festival in Miami, playing back to back with Claptone.
  • 4th – Purple Disco Machine reached more than 200 million plays on Spotify with his last release ‘Hypnotized’ with Sophie and the Giants.

Number 3 - Meduza

Italian trio Meduza is back on the podium! If you want to catch them, they’ll be back in England for their first gig there since 2019. Rendez-vous on March 4th and sign-up already to be notified.

Number 2 - Shouse

The duo Shouse is holding tight! More than 10 million people have searched for their last track on Shazam… isn’t it amazing?



Number 1 - Joel Corry

Joel Corry! He is the most popular House music artist of the moment, with the most engaged community on socials and streaming websites! His last track featuring Mabel is out, go check it out!



Let’s continue with Deep House music:

  • 10th – South African Mas Musiq is on the top of several charts! Discover his last single ‘Uzozisola’.
  • 9th – Rammor continues to stream on Youtube, his last video got 5 million views!
  • 8th – Solomun just finished his US tour! Now he is going to South America and Europe.
  • 7th – The massive tube called ‘Home’ brings back the duo Klangkarussel, with a number 1 on Shazam in Austria, the hometown of the duo.
  • 6th- Ben Böhmer just dropped a new release that he describes as very personal… check it out!
  • 5th – Helsloot, the Dutch producer of Trance and Progressive music jumped from 8th to 5th this month.
  • 4th – Monolink is making his way up to the top! Catch him on tour in Europe soon…

Number 3 - ZHU

The artist ZHU is the 3rd of this chart! He is part of the iconic Pokemon 25 album with his remix! He has 6 already sold out shows coming … moreover, you can already discover his new track on Amazon Music!


Number 2 - Tinlicker

The Dutch duo Tinlicker, signed on Armada, will be touring in the US until mid-December, try to catch them on their website!



Number 1 - DJ Regard

Again! DJ Regard is still the number 1 artist on this chart. He is touring in April and May in the US… keep posted for the dates, announced soon.

Congrats to him!



Finishing with Downtempo music:

  • 10th – The music producer from Island, Olafur Arnalds, is also producing music for films and TV!
  • 9th – Aphex Twin, just dropped his last EP called ‘Collapse‘, check it out! He is also very active in the NFT world …
  • 8th – The new jazz and downtempo British group The Cinematic Orchestra makes music listened by millions of fans!
  • 7th – Enigma ‘s album on Vinyl is now out, you can still get your copies!
  • 6th- He is the musician of Minecraft… C418 is a new artist, check it out!
  • 5th – Bonobo keeps is place of number 5th, maybe next month he will be 4th?
  • 4th – Congrats to Portishead! No new music announced so far but who knows…

Number 3 - BJÖRK

BJÖRK hits the top 3 on this month chart! The iconic Island artist did an amazing livestream to replace her shows… you should check it out!


Number 2 - Massive Attack

Massive Attack is number 2! The band is calling on other music artists, touring companies, agencies, and venues to join the race to decarbonization of live music!



Number 1 - Moby

The superstar and vegan activist Moby is our big number one! His new album will be released by the end of May, get ready!

Congrats to him!