Hilight Tribe, one of the most renowned electro bands of our time, has just released their latest album, "Luminessence vol1."

The album features a blend of cultural and geographical influences, as the band takes listeners on a journey through Africa, India, Mongolia, and beyond. With an array of ethnic instruments, sound colors, and melodies faithful to the band’s iconic songs, Hilight Tribe’s latest release is a masterpiece of musical craftsmanship.

Driven by a powerful combination of kick bass drums and percussion, each track on the album is a work of art, with intricate interactions between vocals, string instruments, percussion, glitches, and psychedelic effects. The six tracks that open the album set the tone for the rest of the double album, taking listeners on an epic adventure full of hope and positive vibrations.

Hilight Tribe has always been known for their diverse range of musical influences, and “Luminessence vol1” is no exception. From desert music and blues to salsa and the sounds of Mandingue, the album is a culmination of the band’s journey since their last album, “Temple of Light,” and their collaborations with Vini Vici and Armin van Buuren.

Equipped with dozens of instruments, Hilight Tribe offers a multi-sensory experience that includes light shows, live performances, high-definition sound, and audience interaction. Their concerts are a happy haven for generations who come to dance and transcend their daily lives.

As one of the most prominent electro bands on the global music scene, Hilight Tribe is paving the way for a new generation of artists who follow in their footsteps. With their impressive sound amplitude that rivals the most tenacious DJs, ethnic instruments, overboosted drums, avant-garde bass and guitars, and iconic vocals, the Tribe continues to cement their legendary status in the world of music.

Hilight Tribe’s latest release invites listeners on a human adventure that is rooted in the long tradition of universal trance that has been practiced since time immemorial. “Luminessence vol1” is not only a musical masterpiece but a universal message to all peoples, transcending borders and cultures, and spreading hope and positivity wherever it is heard.