Lilly Palmer, the techno virtuoso who effortlessly commands both the mainstage of global festivals and the depths of underground techno realms, has graced her audience with a new sonic masterpiece, "My Fantasy."

Demonstrating her dual prowess as a DJ and producer alongside her husband Egbert, Palmer continues to solidify her status as one of the most compelling names in techno.

Listen to “My Fantasy” here.

Hailing from Zurich, Palmer embarked on her musical journey, evolving into an electrifying force in today’s techno landscape. Her versatility is showcased not only on renowned festival stages like Tomorrowland but also in the pulsating heart of underground techno. Dedicated to crafting her unique sound, Palmer’s tireless studio efforts have yielded a chart-topping discography.

Diving into ‘My Fantasy’:

“My Fantasy” represents a departure into more accessible and eclectic territories within the techno genre, showcasing yet another dimension of Palmer’s intricate productions. The track, a peaktime mainstage anthem, exudes upbeat, high-energy tempos. Palmer’s distinctive vocals beckon listeners to “Come with me in my fantasy,” inviting them to lose themselves in the infectious beats of this captivating tune.

Accompanying the single is an exclusive music video, adding a visual layer to Palmer’s sonic narrative. Departing from the AI-generated armor trend inspired by TikTok, Palmer embraced the idea, bringing her vision to life on the beach. Despite facing the biting cold during the evening shoot, the outcome, according to Palmer, was well worth the artistic endeavor. Reflecting on the video, she shares, “I think the hype around the song has a lot to do with the vocals and the video. It stimulates the imagination, and that’s a good thing, right?”

About Lilly Palmer:

Lilly Palmer’s emergence from the vibrant underground scene in Zurich marks the beginning of her musical odyssey. Immersing herself fully in the world of underground music in 2015, her sound evolved into Peaktime Techno, solidifying its place as her signature style. Known for authenticity and unwavering focus, Palmer dedicates almost every free moment to refining her sound in the studio.

About Spannung Records:

Founded in 2020 by Lilly Palmer, Spannung Records stands at the forefront of the electronic music revolution. Embracing the belief that music is a universal language connecting people globally, the label serves as a beacon of creativity and innovation. Spannung Records, an international powerhouse, nurtures forward-thinking artists, pushing the boundaries of electronic sound.

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