Don't worry, we are not talking about influencers... But about producers with a beautiful aesthetic on social media!

At Clubbing TV, we value the video aesthetics as much as the music. And when the two match perfectly, it is a pleasure we can’t get enough of.
Meet those creators we found on Instagram and let us know which one is your favorite!

1 – @tybo_ambientsky The most organized

This is almost ASMR for the eyes and ears. From rainy ambient music to lo-fi and synth music, Tybo takes you on a journey that makes you feel good.
On his feed, he also take the time to explain which machine does what and why you should use it.
Check him out. 

2- @ooramusic  The most focused
Welcome to the cold universe of Federico Chiesa aka Oora. He goes from ambient to acid with a bit of minimal. Oora plays with his gears with a real passion and mastery.
Check him out.

3- @starskycarr  The Teacher

Our favorite teacher Starsky had to make the list. Real gear specialist, we don’t know a sound that Starsky cannot create. His videos on Youtube are a real source of knowledge if you want to master your machines.
Check him out.

4- @momecmusic The Grooviest 

Techno time with Momec. It’s trippy to watch and groovy to the ears. Momec doesn’t try to explain what he does, he is making music for him and his audience.

5- @hannesbieger The Jedi

Jamming at home in his studio or in front of a big crowd, Hannes takes you and his machines everywhere he goes. Modular and synths sessions made in Berlin, he is ready to make you dance.
Check him out! 

6- @shimmery.mp3 The Alien

If you are looking for crazy/different/good looking gears, Shimmery is your guy. He oscillates between classic machines and alien-like modules tests and lessons. This is also cool to watch if you know nothing about producing music.
Check him out! 

7- @Robinsonsvillage The Tape lover

James is using tapes to do some magic music with his gears. Inspirations comes from everywhere and from anything when you are talented like him. Mention to the kid xylophone video!
Check him out! 

Who would you want to see in our next list?