The Château de Versailles invited Fakear to compose a track inspired by the sound heritage of the former royal residence... discover it!

Subjugated by the sounds of the clocks of the Chateau de Versailles, Fakear recorded and arranged them! It created ‘Palace of time‘ a title and a clip available from February 9th, 2022.

For his third carte blanche electro, the artist immersed himself in the sound universe of the castle. While exploring the place, he discovers the bewitching sounds of his clocks and records their rattling and their mechanisms.

He said: “I have copied many clocks of the Palace of Versailles, eternal guardians of the place and symbol of this strange time sometimes elastic of our time. In a stealthy way, the sounds of footsteps on the floor and the sounds produced by the doors of the Castle give rhythm to Palace of time

A clip directed by Juliette Leigniel is also available on the Youtube channel of the Palace of Versailles. It follows Fakear during 4 minutes exploring the palace and its gardens – from the underground to the hall of mirrors through the groves – through a completely new look thanks to the use of a FPV drone and impressive light installations.

Juliette Leigniel said: “Fakear occupies the Palace of Versailles for a day and a night. The video starts in the intimacy of the gardens. The pace picks up quickly in the groves and gets more sustained with fast FPV drone shots spinning and evoking time accelerating. Until dusk when night falls all of a sudden. We then go from the garden to the interior of the mythic castle. In the same way that Fakear has led the viewer into the little-known recesses of the garden, he then reveals a unique castle at night, monumental and redesigned by lights. Far from the warmth of the chandeliers and the immobility of the centuries, the spectacle of animated LED lights and the mysterious drone, brings the castle to life, between original colors and brand new monochrome tones.

You can already listen to the track right HERE!

In the meantime, you can watch the video clip right below