Dive into the vibrant world of Sofi Tukker's new single, "Jacaré," an irresistible track sure to make waves this season!

American duo Sofi Tukker is back with their new single, “Jacaré,” set for release on April 21st. The track pays homage to Brazil, its rich culture, and the LGBTQ+ community – a cause dear to the duo’s heart.

Premiered during Sofi Tukker’s performance at Coachella this past weekend, “Jacaré” brings sunshine, intoxicating rhythms, and sensuality to the table. It’s the perfect summer track to kick off the warm days ahead. Fans of the duo will also remember their unforgettable interview at Tomorrowland in Belgium, which is definitely worth a rewatch : HERE!

“Jacaré,” which translates to “alligator” in Portuguese and can also refer to women in intimate relationships, showcases a lighthearted, danceable vibe in support of the LGBTQ+ community. The track features Latin and Brazilian-influenced brass and piano sounds that perfectly accompany Sophie’s captivating voice as she sings in Portuguese, expressing her love for Brazil.

The duo’s first solo release since their successful album “Wet Tennis,” “Jacaré” is also accompanied by an official music video shot in the stunning city of Rio de Janeiro. Directed by Aerin Moreno, known for his work with Sofi Tukker, Dove Cameron, and Madison Beer, the captivating video embodies the exuberance and essence of “Jacaré.”

Sofi Tukker commented on the video, stating, “This is definitely the most fun video we’ve ever made. I’ve wanted to do a video based on the concept of us fighting for the same girl for a long time. It’s such an unusual and unique dynamic that we have as a group. It’s a silly and sexy story, played out in the most beautiful city in the world, Rio de Janeiro.”

Embrace the upcoming summer with “Jacaré,” a vibrant tribute to love, freedom, and the beauty of Brazil – all delivered by the talented duo, Sofi Tukker.