The Blessed Madonna releases her brand new single ‘Shades of Love’, a joyous new track that sees her collaborate with South African five piece ‘The Joy’.

The Blessed Madonna is an artist like no other, a true dance music icon whose career is full of unique, ambitious projects and collaborations with legendary artists from around the world. From promoting illegal raves in Kentucky to working alongside house legends such as Frankie Knuckles, The Blessed Madonna has continuously pushed the boundaries of dance music.

In recent years, The Blessed Madonna has been the vocalist on Fred again..’s chart-topping anthem ‘Marea (We Lost Dancing)’, become the voice of Saturday night radio, been immortalised as a GTA5 character, and produced remixes for major artists such as The Chemical Brothers and Elton John.

The Blessed Madonna releases her new single ‘Shades of Love’, a collaboration with the South African group ‘The Joy’, which draws on the origins of house and club culture. The track is an uplifting, vibrant and energetic track that showcases The Blessed Madonna’s signature sound. Fans of her music are eagerly awaiting a debut album, so watch this space!

Speaking about the inception of the track, Stamper writes:

“Shades of Love is about the one thing that we all truly share in common as humans. We need to be loved. That might be a different kind of love for every person but it’s still love and it’s what ties us together”


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