Beatport and Pixelynx unite to create a generative NFT series for electronic music fans... discover why you should get Synth Heads!

They are called BØB, Pauline, Oscar, Lynn, Dax 7, or Seq-Ee, and they are the new faces of Beatport! Meet the Synth Heads, a unique set of electronic music-inspired NFT characters, created in partnership with Pixelynx.

For those who don’t know, Pixelynx is the new metaverse gaming venture from deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin. Together with the well-known brand Beatport, they release this collection that pays homage to the history of synthesizers. Their little synth faces actually have backstories and come alive when their owners are sleeping…


Here are the reasons why you should be the first to buy:

  • Each piece of art is completely unique! Indeed, the collectibles use a process called generative art, a system that algorithmically creates new ideas, forms, shapes, colors, or patterns.
  • The Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs), embracing blockchain technology, are getting more and more popular. If you don’t own one yet, it’s your moment to start!
  • Collectors will have exclusive access to a range of benefits! This is including becoming members of the Synth Head community, special passes to festivals, unlocking future utility in the Beatport ecosystem, as well as future NFT and metaverse experiences.
  • If you are not fast and in the first 3,030 buyers, you will miss the first price and will have to get yours at a higher price on the secondary market!
  • The two companies raised $4.5 million to build the ‘world’s leading music metaverse’… it’s serious!
  • Last but not least… they are super cute! check out the video right below.


Don’t forget to check each of the Synth Heads, some generated NFTs will have more rare qualities than others… Be ready for February 10th, only 3,030 NFTs will be available at the first price! All infos are also on this Twitter page, and the collection will be available via a Beatport landing page.

If you are into music-related NFTs, get ready for the launch of Atlanticus… where music becomes exclusive again! More info will be out on Clubbing TV news soon!