We’re going to be talking about four very unique festivals today happening in September and at very special destinations out of Europe! It’s all bout the travel, dance, and party in the month of September! If you’re planning to go all out for the ninth month of the year, you don’t want to miss this, so let’s get started!

Together Festival in the USA!
Let’s begin with a festival happening at the end of September in the United States of America!
Together Festival is happening in Boston Massachusetts around the Cambridge area. It attracts thousands of people each year because it’s the primary music festival in New England.
The very first Together Boston was held back in February 2010, and since then, it has made a name for itself as being a week-long series of education and professional panels, art installations, film screenings, and of course, musical performances. The event aims to promote the unity of music, art, and technology in the city of Boston.
A few of the names there this year include Derrick Carter, DJ Boring, and Underground System (Live). Midnight Magic (Live), Bamboozle aka Eli Soul Clap, and Denis Sulta will also be there! But, of course, there will be more names announced and you can keep updated through their website! http://togetherboston.com/twentyeighteen/
In the meantime, check out this video! https://www.facebook.com/TogetherBoston/videos/1548381031848040/
In honor of Together Festival in Boston, let us know what you love most about New England!

TribalTech In Brazil!
From the USA to Brazil, we’re going to Tribaltech Multicultural Festival in Curitiba!
TribalTech is all about a journey that empowers a person to find the courage to follow their own minds. It’s all about the age of light! In the words of the organizers, “Throughout human history, light has become a symbol of wisdom and evolution. In the history of Tribaltech, this edition will mark the year in which we will propose deeper philosophical questions.” For those that want to be enlightened, this is all happening from September 22 to 23!
Some of the names you can catch at TribalTech Brazil include Ben Klock, Carrot Green, Dubfire, Element, and Fabio Leal! In addition, you can also catch Flegma, Fred P, Gabe, Guy Gerber, and Perfect Stranger! As for the local specialties they’re offering, you can check that out through their website! http://tribaltech.com.br/
Why don’t you find out more about TribalTech’s theme “Enlighten” through this video! https://www.facebook.com/TribaltechOfficial/videos/2046492568694243/
Then, let us know, once you get to Brazil, what’s the first thing you’ll explore?

Apparitions Festival in Mexico!
You’ll love the next one we’re going to talk about, because they celebrate music, art, cultural exchange, new connections, and new horizons.
Apparitions Festival in Mexico is on its third edition! This festival likes to call itself an international gathering, in their words, “where each person brings a different and unique value to the celebration.”
Some of the activities that Apparitions Festival offers include surfing, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, paragliding, kayaking, and wine tasting! Those are happening outside the festival in the city of Tijuana – the most visited border in the world! As for things you can do inside the festival, that includes ATV riding, yoga, workshops, and body painting. How cool!
Of course, Apparitions Festival is all about the music too with their two special stages – the Dune stage, which is all about dance music, and the Beach stage, which includes live music and performances. We’ll let you check out their website yourself for all of the names! http://apparitionsfestival.com/en/line-up/
If you aren’t convinced enough that this festival is worth going to, check out this teaser video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uIlvOegt8E
Because Apparitions Festival is offering multiple activities, let us know which one you’re planning to try out!

Sustain Festival in The USA!
We’re back in the United States of America for the last out-of-Europe festival we’re talking about today.
This is the fifth year for Sustain-Release, which is happening from September 13 to 16 in Camp Kennybrook, New York.
There are two stages, The Grove, which is by a campfire, and The Main Stage. On The Grove stage, you can catch names like Uon, DJ Healthy, and Planetarium. On The Main Stage, DJ Stingray, Courtesy, and Shyboi are some of the names that are performing! You can check out Sustain’s website for the entire lineup! http://www.sustain-release.com/artists-2018/
Not only will you be experiencing good music, but the event made sure that they collaborated with Nitemind, KIP Davis, and Signe Pierce for lighting works as well! Funktion-One sound systems are a must, brought to you by Purplesound, while you can get delicious treats from Lil Mo’s and Remedi Food as well!
To learn more about Sustain-Release, check out this video from their second year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_GIVSzI72w
And because Sustain-Release is located in New York, let us know what you love most about NYC!

Which of those four festivals are you definitely attending this September? We know, it’s hard to choose! But, give us a glimpse of your thoughts through our social media outlets on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
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