Last episode, we talked about island festivals you can catch in August, this time, we’re moving to the techno scene! There’s definitely a lot going on for the eighth month of the year and if you love techno as much as we do, you’ll want to hear about these five festivals! It’s time to dance the night away this celebration season!
Dimensions Festival in Pula!
One of my favorite places in the world is the destination for the first festival we’ll be talking about today – Pula, Croatia!
Dimensions Festival is an underground music festival in an abandoned fort. It’s happening from August 29 to September 2 with both an opening concert and a main festival.
The opening concert is always held at the stunning 2000-year-old Roman amphitheatre. That is an experience in itself, this year having artists like Floating Points, Massive Attack, Grace Jones, Little Dragon, and Nils Frahm (to name a few!) performing at the location.
As for the main festival acts? You can catch Jeff Mills, Theo Parrish, Nina Kraviz, Daphni, and Shuggie Otis. If you want to see the full list of names, you can check out Dimension Festival’s website!
This is the 7th edition of Dimensions, known to be not only the best in techno, but house, dram & bass, and other electronic genres as well. Here’s a little teaser of what they’re all about!
And like we said, techno isn’t the only musical genre that this festival offers! So, let us know which of the other Dimensions Festival types of music you’re really digging!

DGTL Barcelona
The next one is definitely a festival that you’ve heard about before! Can everyone say it with me! DGTL Barcelona 2018 is coming soon!
This is the Spanish edition of the iconic techno festival, usually held in Amsterdam. For the Barcelona version, DGTL is being held at Parc Del Forum, where they feature the ultimate experience!
One of the biggest features that DGTL is promoting for the Barcelona edition, happening August 10 to 11, is entitled “Skyline.” This is an audiovisual performance by Boris Acket, Nick Verstand, and Bob Roijen set right at the entrance of the festival. Visitors will stumble upon the tunnel-like structure, sequenced lighting, combined with a sound stimulus.
Another art installation they’re priding is called “Cluster,” which is an art instillation that requires audience participation. This pice is created by Playmodes studio, which features a unique and eye-catching design that will definitely be one of the most memorable parts of the DGTL experience.
As for musical acts, the lineup is loaded as well! Check out DGTL’s website to see which names will be playing at the festival!
If you want a glimpse of the beauty that DGTL offers, check out this video!
In honor of DGTL, let us know, do you like their Amsterdam edition more, or their Barcelona party?

Loveland Festival Amsterdam
Speaking of Amsterdam, it won’t be a round-up of festivals if we didn’t talk about a party located there, right?
Loveland Festival is happening at Sloterpark Amsterdam from August 11 to 12. It’s their fourteenth year in a row at Sloterpark and the organizers love it because it’s spacious and green. In their words, “It is all about the love and respect for the vulnerable Amsterdam event locations and their environment.”
What’s special about Loveland is that they appreciate the beauty of nature and promote sustainability believing that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is extremely important. They even own the Bronze Label of the Barometer Sustainable Events, which is an ecolabel to create awareness to environmental issues. Loveland believes that energy, waste, flora, fauna, and mobility are a priority and one way their attendees experience that is through camping on the land.
Find out more about the festival through their website!
If you want to know more about their advocacy and how they incporate that with techno music, check out this teaser!
Because Loveland Festival is all about being sustainable, let us know how you’re going green in your everyday life!

Berlin Atonal
To round up the month, Berlin has a festival to celebrate the uniqueness of their city!
Berlin Atonal is happening from August 22-26, and it’s a festival for sonic and visual art with two very distinct stages. It’s known as the “Festival for new codes in sight and sound!” and began all the way back in 1982 ten closed at 1990, then relaunched in 2013 with a huge new location.
One of the highlights for the five-day festival this year is the premiere of Lucrecia Dalt’s Synclines, which is a live piece of work based on her Anticlines release. There’s also Gabor Lazar’s Unfold project and Kolorit, which is a collaboration between Kassem Mosse and Lowtec.
As for the sound aspect of Berlin Atonal, they got names upon names spread out throughout the five days! Some of the artists your familiar with include Beatrice Dillon, Alessandro Adriani, British Murder Boys and Eris Drew! You need to check out their website for the full list of both sound and visual artists!
And like we mentioned, this event has been running for a while! Why don’t you grab a look at last year’s aftermovie!
Let us know if you appreciate visual art more, or art through sound!

Festival Forte Portugal
And really closing off the August techno season is Festival Forte in Portugal! It’s happening from August 30 to 31 and even carries over to September 1 and 2.
Festival Forte happens annually and takes place inside the Montemor-o-Velho Castle in Portugal. Just like the other festivals we mentioned, it specializes in electronic music, visual, and performing arts!
This National Heritage site where the event takes place is listed by 6AM as one of The World’s Most Unique Festival Locations! The stage itself allows transparency that frames the walls, the screens supporting the visual as a whole. Crack Magazine said that the festival’s sights were “consistently engaging, otherworldly visuals across its walls.”
In the words of Festival Forte’s organizers, “Motemor-o-Velho is a magical site offering playful and powerful visions, making it the perfect location for you to share in our epic vision of electronic music and arts. Year after year we dream bigger and bolder, we are continually blown away by the intimate surroundings and warmth we feel from the local community, making new discoveries and friendships as the festival grows.”
If you want to catch a glimpse at why Festival Forte is an absolutely stunning festival, check this teaser out!
You can also look at their website for artists on their lineup!
Let us know who your favorite one is!

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